Transitional Learning Curves was established to support individuals, families, and those who work with them, through the personal challenges of relocation. Our products, services and consulting reflect a unique blend of educational and mental health expertise with personal transition experience. Many individuals, families and companies have benefited and experienced more successful relocation transitions as a result of using TLC’s services.

Jill Kristal, PhD, President, is recognized for two decades of expertise assisting executives, their families and companies through relocation transitions. She is a featured speaker and writer on relocation and life transitions for corporations, service organizations, educational institutions and international publications. Dr. Kristal is a practicing clinical psychologist and served for 12 years as Executive Director of the American Counseling Center in London, England. Since repatriating to New York with her family, she has established a private practice treating children and adults and served as Special Education Consultant to School Choice International.

Hazel Stoddart, PhD, Director of Product Development,
has honed her understanding of transition adjustment through her roles as United Kingdom & Ireland Director and Resident Dean of Marymount College Study Abroad Program, Director of Butler University’s Institute for Study Abroad and co-founder of the Association of American Study Abroad Programmes-UK. Dr. Stoddart served as a consultant for Training Across Cultures Ltd. and Childtrack Education Ltd., and was partner and finance director for the American Counseling Center in London, England. She has recently repatriated to the US after 29 years in the UK.

Barbara Berthiaume, MSW, Director of Training, is a social worker with 25 years of experience living and working in Singapore and England. Barbara speaks and writes regularly for multinational corporations, schools, service organizations and international publications on supporting families through transition. Barbara is a certified instructor in Leader Effectiveness Training and Parent Effectiveness Training. Since repatriating to Washington state she has developed "Transition Training for Retirement ©".