Perception:Everyone moves; logistical support is what people need most.
Reality:"Our belongings arrived but my confidence is still in transit."
TLC Solution:Build confidence and competence for the adjustment that always accompanies moving.

Perception:Kids are flexible; they adapt quickly.
Reality:"Our kids are struggling without their friends and familiar surroundings."
TLC Solution: TLC's Our Move! Products equip children with strategies to deal with their feelings and build new relationships.

Perception:Moving back home is easy.
Reality:"We're newcomers. We've changed but so has what we've come home to."
TLC Solution:Preparing people for returning home smoothes re-entry to work and community.

Moving is about opportunity and excitement. It is also about dealing with change. Being prepared and feeling equipped are key to helping children and adults through the ups and downs that accompany any move. Individuals, families and the organizations that relocate them benefit when people readily adapt and make the most of their new situation - for in-country moves, expatriation, repatriation or short-term assignments.

Transitional Learning Curves prepares and equips people to navigate change. Our range of products and services for individuals, couples, families, companies and organizations offer a unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience.